5 Things You Should Know If You’re Thinking About Getting No Man’s Sky

Everyone has heard about and it and everyone is either excited or disappointed for this game for one reason or another, there are after all entire galaxies of reasons and possibilities to be excited about so if not for one thing, then definitely for one of so many others. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some important things that you should be aware of when it comes to No Mans Sky.


It’s a Multiplayer but not really an MMO game


What this means is that the game will utilize a kind of a “mega server”. All players will simultaneously be online and active but the game won’t actually send you information about what all of the other players are doing for it would not be necessary to know what a player in a different galaxy is doing, and this is different than how MMORPG games handle this but then again, the “world” of No Man’s Sky is not actually your everyday MMO world. While you can meet other people, it’s highly unlikely that this will happen often but that’s kind of the whole point of a game this size.


The game will focus mainly on Exploration and Survival


Gigantic game like this naturally will focus mainly on exploring the fractions of the game’s universe and surviving whatever may come your way. Now, this won’t be your typical survival game but will have a fair share of survival elements. For example, some planets may be inhibited by hostile creatures that will try to harm you or you might be attacked by raiders while flying your space ship, but other than that, game will put the strongest not on exploration and space travel from planet to planet or galaxy to galaxy. It will mostly depend on the role you wish to play and the type of ship you choose to pilot. Speaking of ships…


picture of animals from other planets


Multiple types of space ships


Four confirmed “classes” so far. No doubt that these will greatly impact you playstyle from the earliest points of the game. The classes are: Explorer, Trader, Fighter and Scientist. Ships are all different depending on the role you want to fulfill so for example, Explorers will be the fastest while fighters will naturally offer battle combat versatility and control. They can all be customize and improved and will require fuel that is obtainable/craftable in a number of ways.


Gameplay out of ship


Not all of the time will be spent in a cockpit and in No Man’s Sky there are many different things to do while exploring a planet. You may come across NPC races that you can quest for but in order to do so you will need to understand them first, so a little bit of time and exploration is needed in order to do that because, that’s how learning a new language actually works. There’s a sort of a reputation system that will come into play when dealing with one of many games factions and it can be either positive or negative and depending on the alignment with the faction can either work in your favor or make things really hard for you.


The World


The world will feature a ridiculous number of planets, if we got the numbers correctly, it’s going to be  18 billion times 18 billion explorable planets. Now, obviously that’s a big number and it would be insane to think that these are all man made, because they are not. The entire universe of No Man’s Sky is using an algorithm to procedurally generate the content as players are exploring it. They are basically seeds (Minecraft players may be familiar with these) which are a set of numbers that are telling the computer how to make the world. Also, if you’re planning on exploring everything this game has to offer, stop right there. Human lives are not long enough to accomplish such a feat so you might as well just give up now.


Those are some of the things that we think everyone should know before departing for No Man’s Sky, we hope it cleared some things up. Check back recently as we are bound to have more articles covering this upcoming game as well as every other title worth the mention. Until then…


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