Valentine’s Day Gift Aid For Him And Her

The holidays have passed. We can’t help but smile when we think about all the good times we had. There is certainly a little bit of sadness that comes with this however, it is also a relief in a way.

It is no secret that we spend a lot of money during holiday times. Once those times are behind us we can finally start saving again. Right? Well some of you might be able to do that but most of us are going to have to wait just for a little longer. You wonder why? Did you forget about Valentine’s Day?

That’s right. It is probably the most overlooked “holiday“. We call it holiday because it has that certain kind of energy like the rest of the holidays even though it’s not. People are happy and enthusiastic about it. Some of us cherish the fact that we have somebody special to spend this day with. Others perhaps cherish quite the opposite, the fact that they are alone and that they can do whatever they want and worry only about getting a gift for themselves.

Both of these situations are beneficial and they are equally good depending on how you look at them. For now, let’s focus in those that are in fact in love and have someone to spend this special day with and see what romantic gifts they can surprise their significant others with.


Let us start with guys because, let’s be honest here ladies, it is incomparably easier to please us than it is to please you. Am I not right?

All jokes aside though, surprising a guy and gifting him what he wants is rather easy. For instance if some of you ladies were to buy your man a 12 months of PlayStation Plus membership, no matter what age group you two belong to, do not doubt for a second that he will enjoy and cherish every moment of that subscription!

Well the first one is guaranteed to work in 99% of situations, in case your man is somehow immune to joys of video gaming, some of all-time classics like these can always help you out:

  • a pack of his favorite beer with a personalized bottle opener key chain
  • a fancy new toolbox for him to store all of his “toys”
  • a new quality wallet to replace the old one that’s been long overdue
  • a Swiss Army knife, because no man can resist that perfection
  • a new watch or a tie to pair with his favorite suit


If none of these sound appealing to you remember that you can always just spend time with him and do something together that you both enjoy doing.


As for my fellow men, if you’re trying to please your lady and surprise her with something rather unique that I might have some fresh ideas for you. This is what I’m aiming for as this year’s Valentine’s Day gift for my girl and I thought I’d share it with all of you.

cool ring for your girl


These are called called “secret wood rings” and have been very popular around the Internet recently. It’s very easy to see why. These rings are simply mesmerizing and I believe they can make a wonderful gift for younger women. From what I understand these can easily be stringed and worn as a necklace. There are many varieties to choose from and according to the author there are no two rings that are identical since all of them are handmade and therefore unique.


If you don’t think that she would like this kind of ring then perhaps you can go for a more classic piece of jewelry?


Other things that come to my mind are perfumes. Actually, anything that has to do with smelling good. Whether it’s a perfume, candle, soap or an aromatic bath salts, as long as you know her taste even for the slightest, I bet you can go wrong with something that smells good!


Also, everyone appreciate creativity. As long as you can make something unique that will remind her how sweet and caring you are, you’re good to go. Some things that come to my mind are:

  • personalized and stylized picture frames and photo albums
  • a whole lot of different and easy to DIY romantic lamps
  • if you’re talented you can write her a song or try painting her a picture


Preparing a moody romantic atmosphere spiced up with a little bit of her favorite food and wine will definitely work. It is very important that you prepare yourself and show her that you care. The worst mistake you can make here is to order a pre-prepared meal that someone else made for you. This way it is not personal and barely shows any affection. In situations like these it is better to take your girl out.


Taking her out is always an option. You just need to find out if there’s a concert nearby that she would like or perhaps some restaurant serving her favorite food and wine? Whatever you do just don’t overdo it. We all know that men like to brag and prove themselves but the truth is, most of the women like modest men. So don’t overdo it and act in proportion with your abilities.

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