What is Chrono Diet?

The Chrono Diet. During the past year you’ve undoubtedly heard about it. It’s been all over the television, newspaper and magazines, especially those that write about health and fitness. Internet has also been flooded with all kinds of talk about this incredible diet. Perhaps you’ve even tried a yourself unknowingly or perhaps you’ve been following the program for some time? In any case, Chrono Diet is great and it proved itself efficient times and times again. But what exactly is this miraculous Chrono Diet.


French Doctor Alain Delabos was studying chrono biology before he used his knowledge and put it into the making of this specific food program. Unlike other diets, Chrono Diet does not restrict you from eating any specific foodstuff, no. What it does is that it guides you about

  • what you should eat;
  • how much of it should you take;
  • and exactly when you should consume it.


So instead of listing forbidden foodstuff this diet takes an approach that there’s time (and quantity ) for every type of meal.

Other than those basics there are some other guidelines that complement this strangely efficient diet.

For example:

According to Chrono Diet, the taller you are the more will be allowed to eat. In other words the quantity of food you should consume is solely dependent on your body height. So for instance if your height is 174 cm (equivalent to5.7 ft), the amounts food you’re allowed to consume is directly governed by those 174 cm.

But that’s not everything. Chrono Diet incorporates provide variety of these “rule sets” such as:

  • if you have big bones you shouldn’t worry about losing too much weight. You can tell the size of your bones by measuring your wrists (6 cm wrists are considered to be average);
  • completely avoid alcohol. According to Chrono, the alcohol is the worst thing you can consume if you’re trying to lose some weight;
  • if you have a sweet tooth restrict yourself from eating sweets during the day. Try to consume sugar exclusively late in the afternoon but only if you feel hungry;
  • do not put sugar in your milk or coffee;
  • milk and yogurt should also be avoided unless it’s breakfast. It is best to try and completely avoid consuming these in larger quantities but, having some as an addition to your meal is fine;
  • if you’re training or exercising at the gym, try eating a banana one hour before every training session;
  • and of course the most important rule is never to eat unless you’re actually hungry;


These may seem restrictive at first but wait, Chrono Diet allows for 2 cheat meals per week.

This means that twice per week you may choose to ignore every rule from the book. For example, even though the diet strictly says that you should avoid alcohol, this can be easily looked over twice per week! Or whatever you feel like having some candy you may do so if you haven’t “used” your two portions of cheat meals already. It’s kinda like playing a game with yourself if you think about it.


It may sound very weird and it’s probably because it is. The entire idea is based on facts that the body works differently throughout certain periods of the day and will react differently to different foods depending on when and how many of it consume.


Also, there are multiple programs like the Everyday Way of Eating that will help you lose from 2 to 3 kg per month as long as you are following the rules. Or perhaps you’re looking for a more rapid way to lose weight? In that case Starter Diet, which allows loss of 4 to up to 8 kg in 4 weeks might be what you’re looking for.

Oh, and did we say it is also a great way to gain weight?

Apparently Chrono is not just about losing weight but it can also help people put on some extra kilos the same way as if they were trying to lose them. Once again, the idea is to bring you to your ideal body weight that is governed by your height.


All in all, there’s something for everything in Chrono Diet and we encourage you to try it out yourself!

If anything, you can only get healthier in the process and that’s a promise!

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