Fun For the Entire Family!

Video games are fun. Most of us have played some kind of video game at some point in our lives. Younger generations and kids are much more familiar with this kind of entertainment which doesn’t mean that some of the parents aren’t interested as well. If your family like this and you like to play then there’s good news for you. A brand new video game console from Nintendo called Nintendo Switch is coming soon and it’s fun for the entire family!

Support for new and old games

Moms and dads who grew up playing super Nintendo games like Mario Kart will soon be able to relive those experiences. This console will be able of playing previous generations of video games as well as new ones! This is very handy to have if you have a clash of opinions when it comes to retro versus modern video games. Instead of buying a separate gaming console for every member of your family you can all take turns and enjoy numerous generations of Nintendo’s games on Switch.

Multiplayer ready

Speaking of taking terms, you don’t actually have to do that. Switch comes equipped with two controllers so you may play with your partner or your child. There are no additional costs included for this, everybody is getting it! If it happens that you and your kid like the same kind of video game, you may team up and work together to complete it.

Safe for children

With Nintendo Switch you won’t need to worry whether or not your kids are spending too much time on video games when you’re not around. It will allow you to directly set the time limit and control how much your children can spend playing video games. You may also control which games they are allowed to play and which ones should be off-limits so you don’t ever have to worry about your children seeing something inappropriate in a video game that you don’t want them to see.

This is all possible because of the extended parental control application. This application can be downloaded to your smart phone. From there you’ll be able to see what your child is playing and for how long. You’ll be able to track if your children have respected the time limits you’ve set for them or not.

Switch truly sounds like a great way to have fun but wait, there’s more.

Switch won’t be your classic home console, no. It is actually portable console with its own display. You can choose to stream your game on your living room TV or take the switch itself outdoor and played there. The two separate controllers we mentioned earlier can be attached to the sides of the screen providing you with twin sticks two sets of buttons just like a regular video game controller!

Now if that’s not cool enough for you perhaps the speculated price of $299 might pique your curiosity.

Nintendo switch is said to be releasing on 3rd of March this year worldwidef so if you think that this is something for you, you won’t need to wait for that long to get one!

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